• A beauty boost for all occasions, including Mother’s Day

    In less than a week, you’ll be having brunch with your mother and thanking us for reminding you to get her a gift. You’re welcome, by the way! And we have the perfect gift for anyone
  • dry skin type

    Best described as a skin type that produces less oils, dry skin type will always need extra help with heavy moisturizers and hydrating serums.
  • authority mag- interview

    Fotis Georgiadis Mar 16 · 9 min read Making Something From Nothing: Rachaelle Rempe Of Auraïha On How To Go From Idea To Launch An Interview With Fotis Georgiadis Mistakes happen. If there is a customer complaint, apologise, and give them a positive...
  • Why you should choose skincare-makeup hybrid products

    You’ve heard of makeup that doubles as skincare, but have you tried skincare that doubles as makeup? Many cosmetic companies launch skincare-makeup hybrid products that prioritize conventional goals of the beauty industry. Should makeup come before skin? We don’t think so.