• "I love this thing! I have naturally oily skin, so finding a serum that doesn't leave me feeling gross and/or breaking out the next morning is kinda hard, most of the time. But this.. this product does it. It doesn't leave an oily sheen or feeling on my face AND I haven't broken out in acne with it!!"


  • "I've been using glass face and naturally luminous for a couple weeks now and my skin is thanking me. I was stuck in my old routine and really needed something new. Love the fresh, light, and invigorating feeling of these products. So easy to use and feels so good on my skin!”


  • "I like putting serum on my skin before my sunblock and moisturizer. What I like about this serum is that its not scented (I can't stand beauty products with added scents) and its absorbs quickly into my skin. I've been using this on my face twice a day for over a week. I also have not had any reactions. I've had other skin serums in the past cause breakouts and have not had that experience with this serum."


  • "I had my first serum come in damaged and they were so great and sent me a new one right away. I love how there are no chemicals and has only clean natural ingredients. THANK YOU!


  • "LITERALLY best setting spray on the earth & good for the earth 😉.”


  • "I wasn’t really sure of what to expect from this product I don’t use alot of face products so I figured that this might be good for my skin. First of all I’m allergic to everything this serum smells very nice it smells very natural that’s the kind of product s I try to stay with it really does make your skin brighter . I now have this product In my morning and bedtime regiment. I really do love this product it does what is supposed to do and it came nicely packaged exactly like it shows in the picture I would definitely buy more from this company THANK YOU for a nice product"


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