our story

Clean beauty should be a lifestyle, not a luxury. Our founder, Rachaelle, started her wellness journey as a consumer disheartened by a gap in the market for reasonably priced, natural skincare and makeup. Auraïha embodies her belief that everyone should have access to affordable and organic brands. 

We take a hybrid approach when it comes to our products. We bridged the gap between skin care and makeup, following the “skin first” movement while enhancing your natural beauty. Our founder wants to foster a harmonious relationship between our formulas and your face, so that our EWG-verified products become a part of your skin. 

Simplify your skincare routine with our glass face brightening serum and our naturally luminous mist and set spray. Both products cater to all skin types for a face routine made clean and easy. From our ingredients to our packaging, each aspect of our brand cultivates a healthy community committed to forging a sustainable future.