our story

Clean beauty should be a lifestyle, not a luxury.

Rachaelle Rempe left her Canadian hometown on a soccer scholarship to  chase her American dream. After earning a B.F.A. in Product Development and Design, she worked for Ralph Lauren as a designer and later returned to Canada to work as a Product Development Manager, for two of  the biggest retailers in Canada, Aritzia and Canadian Tire.
Struggling with her skin issues during University, going to countless  dermatologists, and spending a lot of money on misleading products. Rachaelle saw a  missing piece in the skincare market. She realized she did not know what  she was putting on her face. "It was really difficult to find a skincare brand that worked well for me".
After saving enough money she decided to launch her own company  Auraiha. "I spent over 2 years developing my first two products and finally  launched them in late 2021. Many student-athletes don't have a lot of  money to spend on expensive procedures or skincare. I saw a need for affordable, inclusive, and effective skincare products.”
Rachaelle combined her creativity and product knowledge to found auraïha, a small skincare company focused on inclusive, sustainable and affordable products with a certification of clean ingredients.