wellness in skin

“The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin”

 - Mark Twain

What does wellness mean when we talk about skin?

Wellness involves the evolution of our awareness regarding our holistic  health. It is not just the absence of illness, but a daily dynamic process of growth. 

Wellness has eight dimensions, all equally important to our well being: Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual. These dimensions are interconnected, so we must aim to achieve balance between all of them.

What does all this have to do with our skin? Well, we all want to have a beautiful and youthful skin. But it’s time to shift the narrative about what beautiful skin looks like. Beautiful skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.

Skin is the largest organ in our body and the barrier that separates us from the world's dangers. Our skin is working every second for 3 key functions: protecting, regulating, and sensing. Skin processes thousands of physical sensations, it’s the first major line of defense from the elements, absorbs impact and shock with collagen, and helps us regulate our temperature. So let’s start seeing our skin for what it is: a beautiful and amazing shield.

thyme oil

Now, how can we have a more healthy and beautiful skin? There are 3 basic aspects to consider, and where different dimensions of wellness come into action:

Skincare: Properly protect your skin, keep it clean and hydrated

Diet: A nutrient rich and diversified diet will keep our body and skin healthy from the inside out

Lifestyle: Avoid high stress levels and fill your life with healthy activities you enjoy  

Skin reflects the products we use to cleanse and hydrate, but also our feelings and our overall health, even our over the top stress levels. Learning how to be physically healthier with the right beauty routine is as important as having the right nutrition, having a balanced life between work and leisure, as well as understanding our feelings and how to cope effectively with stress.