• Congested Skin and Emotions: A Connection?

    Do you find that your emotions affect your skin—or vice versa? Learning more about the connection between these two things can help you take better care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Pay attention to what makes your skin feel congested or irritated and make adjustments to your skincare routine accordingly. 
  • How to Manage Dehydrated, Oily, Acne-Prone Skin?

    Dehydrated, oily, acne-prone skin can be a challenge to manage but it is possible to find the right balance for your complexion. By understanding the cause of your skins oiliness and taking steps to control it, you can achieve (and maintain!) clear and healthy skin. Utilize the tips outlined above for best results!
  • Adult Acne: The Causes and Solutions

    If you're suffering from adult acne, know that you're not alone—and that there are things you can do about it. Figure out what's causing your acne so that you can avoid triggers where possible. In addition to making lifestyle changes, there are also topical treatments that can help clear up your skin. With a little trial and error, you'll find the solution that works best for you and finally get the clear skin you've been dreaming of!