• Get Ready to Ring in the New Year with your Best Skin Ever!

    Starting off 2023 with great-looking skin doesn't have to be complicated; just follow these simple tips for healthier looking skin all year long! Make sure you're drinking plenty of water every day (for both internal hydration as well as external), watch what you eat (fruits & veggies are key!), and don't forget about wearing sunscreen even when temperatures drop. With a few small changes here and there, you'll be well on your way to having beautiful looking skin this New Year! Happy 2023 everyone! 🥂 🎉 💖
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Skincare for Beginners

    Overall, getting started with skincare doesn't have to be overwhelming! By choosing products tailored specifically for your individual needs and following a consistent routine each day/night ,you'll soon find yourself on track towards healthy and glowing skin in no time! Remember: everyone's skin is different so don't be afraid to experiment until you find something that works best for you! Happy shopping!
  • New Skincare Trends for the Season and How to Achieve Them

    By combining some of these top skincare trends this season—hydration boosters, facial oils and retinol products—you can create a customized routine that will keep your skin looking healthy all year long! Remember to start slow when introducing any new product into your skincare routine; if you experience any irritation or redness stop using it immediately and consult with a dermatologist if necessary. With the right regimen in place you'll be ready to embrace a beautiful glow no matter what the season brings!
  • The auraiha Skincare Philosophy of Kindness

    Kindness is at the heart of everything we do here at auraiha. From our sustainable, cruelty-free formulations to our ethical business practices, we strive to be kind in all that we do. Our hope is that by being kind in how we make and sell our products, we can inspire others to do the same. If everyone does their part to be kinder---to themselves, to others, and to the planet---we believe that the world will be a better place for it. Thanks for joining us on this journey!