Building a Business Solo- words from our founder

Building a Business Solo

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Full transparency: building a business solo can be intimidating, especially when the end goal appears to involve multi-million dollar brands with perfect marketing campaigns, which sell out at lightning speed. However, this journey is so much more than that - while it may not come quickly or easily it has proven infinitely fulfilling.

You probably thought I was going to complain about "how hard it is to start a small business" but NO. Developing this brand from absolutely nothing really meant I could make this as true to self as possible. In under two years of hard work and dedication I was able to build my team including an incredible chemist, source sustainable suppliers, reliable manufacturers and connect with amazing PR teams. This pushed my vision into British Vogue, Style Canada and more.

Throughout this journey, I am continually motivated by the great feedback from my customers, the support provided by my mentors, and I was especially thrilled with how well my first investor pitch day went. This recognizes all I have accomplished thus far bootstrapping this venture!

LinkedIn has been my best networking friend pushing me to connect and speak with people, which is now one of my favorite things to do. Fast forward to today, I have built an amazing network of people across the world that truly believe in the brand, and shows us all what community really means!

What I’ve learned from all of this is even if your company size and capacity is limited, you should never restrict your ambition to make a positive impact on the people around you. Your individual effort can have an empowering effect on others -- regardless of how small or large it may appear!
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