Why you should choose skincare-makeup hybrid products

You’ve heard of makeup that doubles as skincare, but have you tried skincare that doubles as makeup? Many cosmetic companies launch skincare-makeup hybrid products that prioritize conventional goals of the beauty industry. 

Should makeup come before skin? We don’t think so. 

We spent years draining our bank account buying makeup to look beautiful, but our skin didn’t feel beautiful. We woke up day after day with dull skin plagued by acne, stripped bare by the harsh ingredients in our makeup, and oily to the point of discomfort. So we continued to put a strain on our bank account by purchasing skincare to fix the problem that our makeup started. It was a constant battle between the two sides of the beauty industry. 

At some point, consumers like us and companies had a collective epiphany: there was a better way. You don’t have to put beauty before wellness. Why? Because with healthy skin comes natural beauty. 

Enter hybrid products that double as makeup and skincare.

auraïha glass face brightening serum and naturally luminous mist & set spray side by side.

It makes sense. What’s the point of applying makeup that diminishes all the time we put into making our skin glow? And why use skincare that doesn’t make your skin feel and look good? From hydrating skin tints to lip oils, there's been a surge in skincare-makeup hybrids to try without worrying about the consequences for your face. But we wanted to go a step further. 

Hydrating skin tints and lip oils are modeled after conventional makeup with added benefits to your skin. What about products modeled after conventional skincare that create in your skin the clear, natural glow that we’re always chasing with highlighter, concealer, etc.? 

Most skincare on your shelf probably wants to fix a problem with your skin, like stubborn blackheads or flaky patches. We’re not here to “fix” your skin; it doesn’t need to be fixed. 

We’re here to enhance your natural beauty by helping you maintain nourished, clear skin. With auraiha, we ensure that you take minimal measures for high-quality results. 

glass face brightening serum

Product image of auraïha’s glass face brightening serum.

First, we have our glass face brightening serum. Everyone loves the effect of carefully placed highlighter or bronzer. It creates an alluring shine that makes us look like goddesses. Highlighter or bronzer can distract from imperfections and draw attention to the curves and angles that make us look striking. You don’t have to create that glow with makeup. Everyone can enhance the radiance that naturally exudes from healthy skin. 

Our brightening serum is the key to unleashing that toned, glowing look. 

naturally luminous mist & set spray

And we can’t forget our naturally luminous mist & set spray. We know you’re busy. Some of you live in dry climates or work inside all day. It can be difficult to keep your skin looking nourished and illuminated, especially when your makeup smudges because of your face mask or your average daily wear and tear. If you love to wear makeup and you’re prone to dry skin, our naturally luminous mist & set spray is for you. It’s the key to keeping your makeup unmarred throughout your day. Plus, its hydrating properties make sure that you don’t have to struggle with a flaky complexion. 

Stay plump and luminous. Reapply our mist & set spray instead of caking layers of makeup on your face. 

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