benefits of clean beauty

In the past decade, the popularity of natural cosmetics and skin-care products has skyrocketed. As the public places more importance on wellness, consumers wants products that are beneficial – not harmful – to their health. ‘Clean Beauty’ is an important aspect of this.


So, what actually is clean beauty?

Clean beauty steers away from using synthetic ingredients and altogether rejects ingredients that are shown or suspected to be harmful to human health.

Clean beauty avoids using artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives, such as parabens, all of which scientists have detrimental to harm your well-being.

Sulfates, silicones, and mineral oils, such as petroleum, and petrolatum, are also a no-go, as they can negatively affect our skin’s health.

So, what are the benefits of skipping these ingredients and embracing clean beauty products?


1. Clean beauty products don’t irritate the skin.

Contact dermatitis is a common problem experienced by regular makeup users, and results in itchy or red patches due to the preservatives, dyes, and fragrances used in regular makeup. These ingredients irritate all skin types, but especially sensitive skin.

Clean beauty products do not contain these irritants. Consequently, the use of clean beauty products has a visible positive effect on our skin.

2. Clean beauty reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Clean beauty products don’t contain the dehydrating ingredients that regular cosmetics and skincare products often do, which can all irritate and dehydrate the skin, resulting in dry patches and dull skin. In contrast, if you ditch the harmful ingredients and instead opt to invest in clean beauty products, you’re likely to enjoy plumper, more hydrated, and glowing skin.

3. Clean beauty contains beneficial natural ingredients. 

Some clean beauty ingredients can actively benefit the health of your skin. Certain
 natural ingredients found in clean beauty products can give your skin a little extra support to enhance its appearance and overall health.


These ingredients include avocado, jojoba, and rosehip oil, in addition to shea butter, which moisturizes and provides certain nutrients to your skin.

Moreover, plant pigments are often used to color clean makeup – and while little research has been done on the subject – it’s thought that the plant-derived vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can benefit the skin when applied as a cosmetic.

The bottom line

If you want more hydrated, less-irritated, glowy skin, consider switching to clean beauty products.

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