All About the EWG Verified Skincare Label

All About the EWG Verified Skincare Label

If you've ever browsed the skincare aisle of your favorite store, you've probably noticed products with the EWG VERIFIED™ mark. But what does that label mean, and why should you look for it when shopping for skincare products? Here's everything you need to know about EWG VERIFIED™ skincare products.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a non-profit, environmental organization that advocates for public health and transparency in the cosmetics industry. In order to earn the EWG VERIFIED™ mark, a product must meet rigorous standards for ingredient safety and labeling transparency.

What Does It Mean for a Product to Be EWG Verified?
In order to be EWG VERIFIED™, a product must go through a comprehensive evaluation by the EWG scientists. This includes an assessment of the ingredients list as well as an analysis of any available data on potential health impacts. The product must also meet strict requirements for disclosure of all ingredients on the label.

In order to receive the EWG VERIFIED™ mark, a product must score a "1" or "2" on the EWG Skin Deep® Database, which rates products based on their ingredients' potential health hazards. The product must also include all ingredients on the label in descending order of predominance.

Why Should You Look for the EWG Verified Label?
When you see the EWG VERIFIED™ mark on a product, you can be assured that it meets stringent standards for safety and transparency. Shopping for EWG VERIFIED™ products is an easy way to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals found in many personal care products.

Additionally, by purchasing EWG VERIFIED™ products, you're supporting companies that are committed to using safe ingredients and disclosing all information about their products clearly and honestly.

The next time you're shopping for skincare products, keep an eye out for the EWG VERIFIED™ mark! Products with this label have been rigorously evaluated for ingredient safety and labeling transparency, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin. Plus, by supporting companies that use safe ingredients and disclose all information about their products clearly, you're helping to create change in the cosmetics industry!

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