oily skin type

Oil is essential and naturally produced by our skin. But some people produce excess oils, creating a shiny layer over the skin that can cause clogged pores and acne. To help with naturally oily skin, stay away from oil-based products and switch to water-based/oil-free products that help prevent clogged pores. Salicylic acid is an essential ingredient for oily skin as it helps combat breakouts and acne-prone skin. 

Natural Ingredients that help oily skin

1. Tea Tree Oil

  • a gentle astringent, filled with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, that helps with germs, fungus, and bacteria. 

2. Honey 

  • an ancient remedy known for its antibacterial agents that helps reduce excess oil and clear pores. It also has natural antiseptic properties that can help acne-prone skin. 

4. Witch Hazel 

  • a natural astringent that can dry out very oily skin. Don't use excessively and make sure to moisturize afterwards. This is a great ingredient to use on problem spots. 

5. Fruit Acids

  • a gentle form of exfoliation to lift dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Skin Care

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize

  • a healthy skin care routine helps control oils and acne.
  • cleansing helps remove impurities.
  • toning normalizes the skin's PH level and smooths skin texture.
  • use an oil-free, non-comedogenic moisturizer.



Prime, Matte Foundation, and Finishing Powder

  • look for primers that have all-natural/plant-based ingredients to help even out pores and smooth skin texture – this is crucial for oily skin.
  • look for a mattifying clean foundation in either powder or liquid form that doesn't clog your pores.
  • finishing powder completes your look and helps absorb any excess oils on the skin.

PRO TIP: set your makeup with our Naturally Luminous Mist and Set spray, which gives a natural set to your look without an overly dewy finish.


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