hybrid approach

we’re doing more with less.


skincare brands pop out new products all the time. while we know you love options, a lengthy list of products can be confusing. not to mention the endless ingredients, high prices, and minimal differences between products. putting too much on your face—even clean skincare—can result in irritation, increased sensitivity, and clogged pores.


auraïha makes your 5-minute face routine clean, easy, and affordable. we firmly believe less is more. in our case, more means skincare so good you don’t need makeup. we refer to this as our “hybrid approach.” 


leave your home with luminous skin in under 5 minutes. it only takes two products. we created skincare that doubles as makeup, rendering cosmetics like highlight and foundation unnecessary. how? our ingredients follow the “skin first” movement while enhancing your natural beauty.


and don’t worry about whether our products compliment your skin type. our brightening serum and mist & set spray cater to all skin types. roll out of bed and leave your home with nourished skin. 


beyond skincare, better than makeup.